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posted by [personal profile] jaeleslie at 11:29am on 01/03/2013
Someone called (texted actually) and I sprang into action. My password is how many years old now?? and still works??? and I have learned to use excessive punctuation as well as new acronyms, here in the future. Isn't it grand?

It occurs to me now that I'm here that part of the reason I have not been using LJ in some years now is that most of the stuff I have wanted to go on and on and on about has been boringly about my Mom Stuff -- and she as well as her sister read my LJ. But here, not! So I have wallowed in avoidance behavior on Facebook. Not that I'm dissing avoidance, it's been very very good to me.

Miss Lydia the kittia has closely supervised this typing and approves this message. Also the laptop is warm. But you knew that.
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posted by [personal profile] jaeleslie at 11:58am on 08/08/2009
My LiveJournal is busted. Couple days now. So I guess I'll be working out how this works here a little further.

Not my fault. Whether it's a local internet broken or more widely distributed event, well, when I can get on LJ again I suppose I'll find out.

P.S. (or I suppose there's another abbreviation that escapes me at the moment for an "edited" post script verbal appendage). Thanks to Bibliofile I have the LJ Status page, and it says they have had a Denial Of Service attack going on since Thursday. Suggests I might try another server (come to think of it, just what Bibliofile suggested when she was over last night) or another browser. Now, have I got Firefox on this machine? I forgets.

One of the interesting things about the learning curve is that the biggest thing is simply knowing that such a thing (such as editing an entry) is possible. Then you can search for means to do it. Until you know it can be done, tho, wandering. Pretty fairy lights...
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Canned eleven pints of mixed pickles today: jalapenos, sweet red and yellow peppers, onions and cauliflower, in various combinations. Rather surprised to find myself up and at it so vigorously.

Then a workout, which I noticed is actually much easier when I'm not taking the pain meds and can tell I'm not hurting myself. Also after dinner a little gardening, which was a bit much.
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posted by [personal profile] jaeleslie at 02:00pm on 16/09/2004
As I may have mentioned, before school started Number One Son cleaned out his room quite thoroughly and disposed of all his childhood junk. Three boxes of this unsorted stuff then magically appeared in my subterranean chamber.

Like Psyche and various other princesses in the tales I have spent some time today, antlike, sorting through a large pile of this granular debris into its useful parts and discarding lint and dust and junk. Instead of lentils and grains, though, I have mostly bits of plastic. Read more... )

You can't play chess with only thirty pieces, can you?
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posted by [personal profile] jaeleslie at 08:01pm on 13/09/2004
Another one of those days when nothing seems to have gotten done even though I've been quite busy. Until I think about it and realize just how much I did. Finished an apazine, had a workout, made chili for dinner early in the day so Number One Son could have something to eat before gaming, worked on the garden a little, took some stuff out to the studio to work on, and just spent an hour online making a list of twenty Spanish language videos from the public library (no romances! and no heartwarming kid stuff!) so that we can try them out one at a time to support Number One Son's studies in Spanish class.

There's always more I haven't done tho. Mr S says I am just going to have to get used to it.
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posted by [personal profile] jaeleslie at 11:58am on 12/09/2004
Where were we? Weekends somehow I never stay with the weekday schedule, even when there's no apparent reason that anything should change. Number One Son is home, that's the only difference, but when he sleeps until noon, or two, it shouldn't be that different from him being in school. So why does my schedule change? is it just the weather? special errands? or increased flexibility, just so I can take a couple hours off in the afternoon to watch Twelve Monkeys with him, after he said such outrageously flattering things about how he'd really rather watch it with me.

So yesterday instead of writing the 2000 words on the memoir thingy, all I did was four pages or so of apahacking, stopping in the middle to watch Twelve Monkeys with my Dear Son. Says the woman with the impossibly high standards of the entirety of English literature staring her down for the last forty years. No Great American Novel this week then.

And I made a five-spice pork roast and yellow potatoes and salad for dinner and oh I forgot the new book I am reading and the errands in the morning. Today it is entirely possible I am going to again waste this valuable day of work time for a walk at the conservation park and a stop for coffee with Mr S, my Dear Husband (not to mention reading more of the new book).

It is not so bad, I think, that I have I have taken only two days off from Writing in the first half of the month. One day for apahacking, and one day, last Saturday (Saturdays are different), for social activities. You could read all about it in my LiveJournal. My day off, right. Publishing apazines and LiveJournal aren't really Writing, to some excessively critical part of my brain. If I would only download my LiveJournal into a Word document, and print it out in manuscript form, maybe then it would be. Ya think?
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posted by [personal profile] jaeleslie at 10:37am on 10/09/2004
In response to one of my earlier posts, [livejournal.com profile] lamentables wrote I suffer from that very common thing of prioritising practical stuff and thinking that creative things belong in the gaps in between, and expresses interest in some of those goal-setting type questions from Silber's book that I've been thinking through. I'm not going to copy all forty of them here, but give it a start at least. You know, like a quiz, only no clicky things, more like a short-answer test, we overeducated types know how much fun those are! These from the particular section on creativity. My answers below, click.

32. Name one way you could improve your life by using your creativity. Your job?
33. How much time do you spend watching TV? On creative pursuits?
34. What creative project have you started but never followed through on?
35. What projects do you want to do but never seem to find the time for?
36. What do you consider your real creative strength?

Read more... )I think my creative strength, other than being an idea factory, is long-term persistence.
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posted by [personal profile] jaeleslie at 07:33pm on 09/09/2004
Happy to say, I'm feeling better today, no pain meds. The fall weather system has moved in, cool air coming in from the northwest instead humidity from the south, and it seems to make a lot of difference.

Cut some dozen boards to paint on, hauled them with some other stuff out to the garage studio, finished some apahacking, and added 2000 words or so on the designated subject. Also cleaned out refrigerator. All the while feeling I was not getting anything done!
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posted by [personal profile] jaeleslie at 09:33pm on 08/09/2004
Today I didn't get to paint, but I finished reading a book, and apahacked a bit, and I kept at the 2000 words. I had to stop after half an hour of it and go do something else a couple times.

Then I got to shred some embarrassing parts of a very old journal. My, I was a foulmouthed young thing, back in the day. But I had good reason. Imagine you are sixteen, and have finally gotten together with your first boyfriend, and fought with him, and are surrounded with a crowd of the best friends you have ever known in your life, and are planning a brilliant comet-like career through your boring midwestern high school, and then your mother says she is taking a job half way across the country so you are moving to California as soon as school is out, possibly or possibly not with your dad. I think a little bad language might be considered a fairly mild response.

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posted by [personal profile] jaeleslie at 06:37pm on 07/09/2004
[livejournal.com profile] dougs doesn't know where he got this question from. But I like it, it's a good one. Very interactive.

I want anyone and EVERYONE who reads this to post in here something they would like to do with me someday.

Then post this in your journal to find out what I want to do with you


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